You Can Take Control of Your Addiction.

Does it feel impossible to stop a behaviour or feeling? We can help you feel in control again.

We provide addiction counselling with people in all stages of recovery from alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sex addiction, pornography addiction, gambling addiction, or in fact any other compulsive behaviour such as an eating disorder or shopping addiction.

Relapse does not have to be feared or avoided, but can be a critical and valuable part of recovery. We will show you how it offers the opportunity to learn more about yourself and how to use this knowledge to move through the addiction.

We have  created a model of therapy called ‘Pacing’ which is an “inside-out” approach, so you can start to notice the changes right from the first session. Then make lasting behavioural shifts in your life and relationships with each session thereafter.

People often find that the Pacing skills they learn in our addiction counselling are like the missing pieces of the jigsaw that lets them finally experience recovery without creating new dependencies.

To begin this change process, make that call now on (023) 8036 4024.

"The time we have spent in our sessions has taught me so much about life and myself."